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New Mission

Thank you and welcome to the new improved Nurture & Bloom. We’re back with a more refined focus, better support and inspiration, and a clear mission. We are here to inspire and support your creative wedding business – whether you’re a photographer, florist, planner, stationer, stylist, designer or any other type of artisan in the wedding industry.

We are here to support, inspire and raise the profile of artists working in the wedding industry, as well as promoting the doing of art purely for the creative joy – whether you’re a photographer who loves a bit of floristry, a stationer who adores film photography, a florist who sketches, or a stylist who paints. We celebrate the many strands of an artistic life, and love seeing how you communicate your creative passions in your work.

Creativity Journal

Here on the blog we will be sharing our art led by our Creativity Journal. We would be thrilled if you have one of our journals and want to take part. We will be sharing our four favourite Instagram images each week both on social media and here on the blog.

Each of the prompts is intended to inspire you, give you a little nudge to set aside time for your art, and help you over those creative blocks we all have once in a while. We would love to see your entries in whatever medium you have chosen along with a bit about how and why you have created what you have that week. Simply tag us @nurtureandbloom on Instagram and use the hashtag #nurtureandbloom

Take Part

Nurturing your creativity is one of the most valuable things you can do for yourself and your business, and we believe one of the ways to help you do that is by keeping a regular art journal. It can be a spring board for creating new projects, a way of working through responses to your feelings, and a way of setting aside a peaceful, contemplative time that will keep you inspired. If you already keep a mindfulness or gratitude journal then it will form a beautiful compliment to this aspect of your life.

It doesn’t have to be every day and can take many forms. We’ve provided you with weekly prompts that you might find helpful throughout the year. Some are specific, others can be interpreted in whatever way you see fit. Some you may just inspire you to write words or quotes to build a written rather than visual narrative, others to paint, draw, sketch or collage. Some may be fully-formed finished pieces of artwork, others just quick doodles or notes to look back over at later date.

The important thing to remember is that is no wrong entry in your journal – it is safe place to realise new dreams, thoughts and ideas; to make sense of those flashes of inspiration that make your work unique.





“a record of news and events of a personal nature; a diary.”


We’d love to see any pages that you might want to share too, but understand that journaling can be a deeply personal experience you may just want to keep for yourself. Please pop over to our About page to read more about how you can get involved with Nurture & Bloom, or read more about our Creative Retreat this Autumn and book your place.

Win A Free Journal

Until we start shipping our journals in early Autumn we’ll be starting off the first few weeks with the first prompt ‘Illustrate a quote’ – our favourite will win a FREE journal (we’ll refund you if you’ve already pre-ordered yours) and an opportunity to feature on the blog. We can’t wait to see how you all interpret this one and what your choices of quotes are.


If you do feel ready to share your art, just use the hashtag #nurtureandbloom and tag us @nurtureandbloom on Instagram and we’ll share our favourites each week!


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