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Walking in this World: Practical Strategies for Creativity – Book Club Questions

So ahead of our live discussion on Thursday October 12th at 1230pm I have prepared some questions for you to think about.

We’ll discuss them in this order so if you want to jot down your ideas and paste them in the comments as I chat live I’ll read them out and respond to them.

If you haven’t joined the closed Facebook Group where this will be happening  please do so here – we’re a friendly bunch, so please don’t be shy – the more we can discuss the book and it’s influence on us the more enjoyable and productive it will be.


  1. Did you enjoy the book?
  2. Did you do your morning pages, artist’s dates and walks?
  3. Did you find any of these strategies useful?
  4. One of my favourite sections was on Transformation – ‘art is not linear. Neither is an artist’s life’ – it spoke to me about changes in career, trying out different art forms – that being multi-passionate was a good thing, but not something everyone would understand. Which were your favourite sections and why?
  5. How did you find the structure of the book? Did you enjoy the mini tasks – did it make you more accountable for yourself?
  6. Has it made you change your approaches to the practical elements of your creative work, and/or the way you respond emotionally to challenges?

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