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Meaningful gifting this Christmas

In the Nurture & Bloom Facebook Group we’ve been talking lately about ways of creating a Christmas that means less waste, more thought and care, and the opportunity to get more creative. So I was thrilled when Tamryn Henn (a wonderful photographer, her work is in our latest magazine), shared gorgeous gift ideas that she had designed and made herself. So now I’ll hand over to Tamryn to tell us a little more about her handmade skincare products.
Christmas is one of my most favourite times of the year, it is a time to slow down, take stock and realign. I wanted to make meaningful gifts this year for my family, something that was wholesome, useful and good for you. Set us off on the right foot you know?
This collection of gifts that I have named “Batch One” is really close to my heart, from the beginning roses have featured heavily in my  discovery of oils and clay  in Morocco, and I wanted to use them throughout the series and let them be the showstopper, they give such a glow to your skin and a softness I have never felt before. Incorporating other essential oils, carrier oils and making them up for myself, I decided to use all the products for a month, and honestly, I will never put another store bought product on my face again. I am that changed. It has shown me how much the largest organ of my body had been neglected, for years, and I had just never properly noticed. My breakouts have stopped and my scars are fading, my skin is so soft and my natural highlights have returned to my skin making it feel glowy without the faux glow!
The tea I made is called Royal-Tea. Its a blend of herbs, tea and roses, it smells so sweet and enticing, it is perfume in a cup and very refreshing to drink hot or cold. With or without honey/sugar. Goodness from the inside out!
Next up is the Moroccan Clay Cleanser/Mask, it has a multi function in that it is perfect in a more watery form as a everyday all over cleanser for your face, body and hair, as well as a mask for them too. It feels indulgent as a mask and so nourishing, like caviar for the skin, mixed with essential oils for extra cleaning and wrinkle destroying power!
The Green Clay Mask/Exfoliator is the purifier, I mixed essential oils for youthfulness and anti ageing. It tightens pores, clears redness, evens tone and really makes your skin oh so soft. You can use this as an exfoliator after it dries or just rinse off, choice is yours.
The Tighten It Toner is a mixture of Rose Water, Witchhazel and essential oils, this little stunner calms skin, tightens pores and is hydrating.
Last comes the Face Silk Serum – Rose and Thorn – made from a mix of oils, this goes on like silk and keeps your face feeling plump, youthful and full of a natural glow. Im obsessed with this one! It is not greasy at all, and my face literally drinks it up.
I hope you enjoyed this little series of products, I thoroughly enjoyed making them, shhhhhh don’t tell my mom what she’s getting though ok?!