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Nurture & Bloom Team Member

Jess Collins

More than just a writer – what sets Jess apart is that she digs deep to get to the truth of her clients, not just promoting their gloss but showing their grit: their back story, the nitty gritty good stuff.  She asks for courage and candour from her clients and in return she creates compelling and authentic content that shows a brand in all of their colour.

A professional writer for over ten years, Jess has worked for clients all over the world, specialising in wedding, luxury and lifestyle sectors.  She has also written for leading places such as Rock My Style, Love My Dress, The Female Entrepreneur Association and Belong magazine to name a few, alongside having written regularly as a content marketing expert for The Guardian. As for publications, Jess has packed a punch in the world of PR, gaining client coverage in Harper’s Bazaar, You and Your Wedding, Perfect Wedding, Red, The Guardian, Conde Nast Traveller, Vintage Life, The Sunday Times and more.


What Jess Does

I was lucky enough to win Jess in a competition (well, her amazing writing skills anyway!)  She created a tag line for my business with her signature style of soul-seeking insight into what the essence of my business was.  Since then I have been an avid follower of her work and was over the moon when she agreed to come on board with Nurture as a regular writer and official team member.

A self-confessed wild woman, Jess crafts compelling content from her studio by the sea, visiting the beach every day and writing every first draft by hand in a notebook.  She claims that it’s that first rough draft where the magic lies.  Known for her soulful stories and truthful tales, her distinctive style showcases the authenticity that sets brands apart, aligning their voice with their values.

Jess has three strands to her work, a coaching program, a copywriting course and her a la carte copywriting projects.  Her copywriting work speaks for itself and there is often a waiting list to commence a copy project working with Jess personally.  For a more affordable DIY option, her new course Audacity promises a conversational and jargon-free approach, and is delivered in her signature straight talking style.  Finally The Soul Sessions draws upon years of experience working in business coaching where she struggled to conform to the corporate way of doing things.  In response to this, she launched The Soul Sessions, coaching that would dig deep to the core and truly evoke the essence of each brand in question.  No group webinars or virtual classrooms, it’s just one-to-one, stripped back and totally tailored to the client in question.

What Makes Jess

In getting to know Jess I discovered many unusual things from the weird – she eats chocolate in the shower, to the wonderful – she is known as “The Feral Writer” because of her maverick (read unemployable) streak in the marketing world.

In a world of sales tactics she can be guaranteed to play it straight and it’s this wild child within which makes her so beautifully blunt.

But what I love most is how she weaves meaning into all that she writes, for both herself and her clients.

Her hashtag #allyouvegottobeistrue not only reflects her truthful style but is also a lyric from a song by Aztec Camera which was a special song she shared with her mother as a child.

She credits (or occasionally blames) her mother for her feral nature and that untameable, fierce, wild spirit that she has spent so many years of her life trying to repress and deny.


It was only when she had the courage to concede that she found her feral nature was all that she had needed to succeed all along.