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Nurture & Bloom Team Member

Charlotte Argyrou

Charlotte is a talented botanical illustrator living in Greenwich, south east London. Her signature style is precise and detailed, and celebrates the colours and complexities of the natural world. Charlotte creates exquisite colours and alluring textures, resulting in a hyperreal style which is both emotionally captivating and gracefully accomplished.


What Charlotte Does

I connected with Charlotte not that long ago but became immediately enchanted with her beautiful illustrations – particularly those of her birds (and I’m delighted to own one of her stunning illustrations myself, although my daughter has her eye on it!). The details she conveys on the feathers and the personalities she imbues each one of her drawings is just mesmerising.

Charlotte not only creates her gorgeous prints, but also has a wedding bouquet illustration serviceThe Wedding Bouquet Illustration Service is a unique way to preserve and enhance memories of a wedding day. These bespoke drawings are highly influenced by vintage botanical illustration, but sit beautifully in the contemporary setting of a modern home. 

As one has come to expect from our team members, Charlotte is multi-talented and also organises a supper club for creative business owners with food blogger and retreat host The Flourishing Pantry (Vicky Shilling). It’s called Creative in Residence and they aim to creative a friendly, inspiring, beautiful environment for creative business owners to make connections. Vicky and I always laugh, “Just don’t call it a networking event!” Name badges are banned. 

What Makes Charlotte

Some things I learned about Charlotte: she loves the outdoors, but doesn’t like being muddy, cold or wet or too far from a cappuccino. She craves greenery and the sea and thinks she will always live close to the water. Her favourite animal is the elephant.

Charlotte says she is chronically overdressed. She always looks like she’s going somewhere more exciting than she actually is (I love this about her!). She didn’t draw for at least ten years after leaving school. It was only during pregnancy, when she was forced to take some time out, that she remembered that she used to love to draw.

Thinking time and time spent alone is like gold dust to her. But she loves to be in good company and laugh with her friends.

Like many of us she’s still finding her identity since becoming a mother. Sometimes she questions her obsession with high glamour, fashion and the pursuit of a beautifully-curated home, paired with her love of nature and desire for simplicity.

I think this echoes the hearts of many of us as creatives – the balance of detail and beauty alongside our yearning for making time for the little moments that count with family and friends.